What is Merchmeet?

We create and sell custom apparel and merchandise with no up-front costs for an array of influencers, creators, athletes, and artists. We do not produce flash sales or have goals to reach. When a fan orders your merch they receive their package right away.

How it Works

1. Meet the Criteria

Unlike other merchandise production sites that allow anyone to create apparel, Merchmeet hand selects creators and influencers who reach a criterion of marketability, following, individuality, and content. If you feel you are ready to move into apparel and merchandise, please email info@merchmeet.com

2. Design and Create

Once accepted to Merchmeet, you will work as little, or as much as you would like with our team of designers to create quality designs and logos for an array of apparel and merchandise.

3. Promote and Sell

After we have established the designs, colors, and garments you would like to offer, simply promote your apparel and watch the sale and revenue grow. The more you promote the faster your brand can grow.

The Benefits of Merchmeet

Merchmeet covers everything from the first brush stroke of design to the package leaving our door. Our team works with you on creating your designs, choosing the best garments to feature those designs, production and fulfillment, customer service, and shipping. We offer email, phone, and live chat supports to make sure your fan gets all the answers they need. All of this is offered to you with no up-front costs.